Bringing out Potential to Keep on Living Vividly

    with the Society


    We Viling Group works on a mission “Bring out potential to keep on living vividly with the society” starting to proceed toward the realization of our educational activities since 2014.

    “To Keep on Living vividly” means to continuously implement the cycle of: 


    1. You find by yourself the field you can become fascinated with.

    2. You continue learning voluntarily to output.

    3. You challenge with the lessons learned.

    4. You output from the things challenged.

    5. You contribute the things output to the field you are fascinated with,

    6. You become fascinated with more by making a contribution in the field (To lead to No.1)

    Viling purses the education to cultivate "Potential for vividly living".




  • Our Business



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    Viling Venture Partners


    Viling Venture Partners is a venture capital arm of Viling Group which focuses on investment in "Ed Tech" sectors around Asia. 

    Villing VP is actively conducting some "Accelerator Program" for Ed Tech startups trying to implement disruptive idea and dramatically change current market mechanism. 

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    Viling Inc


    Viling Inc is mainly running two businesses in Japan. One is "After school lessons for primary kids" which includes swimming, English, gymnastic and ballet etc. The other is science-math programming schools named "STEMON" which utilizes leading-edge building blocks and robot tools. 

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    Venturas Ltd



    Venturas mainly provides online "Personalized Learning" platform for local students in Bangladesh so that everyone can access to high quality contents at affordable price. Also Venturas covers businesses related to "Learning" and "Working" contributing to emerging Bangladeshi market.

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    zero to one


    zero to one offers online and offline education services, with a focus on science and technology field, for individual leaners as well as corporate clients. Through its services, the company is aspired to make its learners equipped with skills and knowledge needed to work effectively and successfully in their professional life.


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    Takashi “TAKE” Takekawa is the CEO of Viling Group, and also serves as President and CEO of zero to one, one of its group entity.

    Previously, Take was the President and CEO of Asahi Net International, US office of biggest LMS provider in Japan. Before that, he worked in finance at Nomura, the largest Japanese investment bank, in Tokyo and London, and also managed an internet start-up Fillmore Advisory.

    Take received an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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    Executive Officer & CTO

    Keisuke Seya is the executive officer of Viling Group, and also serves as the executive officer and CTO of zero to one.


    Keisuke has authored and translated many well respected technical books. He honored a MGTS title from Texas Instruments and led an international SW development team as a software architect. He also worked for AMD Japan as a R&D Director & Architect for Mobile Systems. He joined Fillmore Advisory which was funded by DCM, as a CTO.


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    Parent Corporation

    REAPRA PTE LTD is the parent corporation of Viling PTE LTD and the holding company of the group.


    Please contact us from below. 

    We welcome entrepreneurs, investors, students, government and more…


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    Singapore 229355